Ben, Architect and Bespoke customer of 4 years

Bespoke Tailor & Outfitter

Our tailoring is made in a soft style reminiscent of Anderson & Sheppard and English Cut. Its natural, hand constructed look gives a more casual and elegant appearance than standard bespoke and it is very comfortable to wear.

Jonathan’s strength is communicating with his customers and translating their taste into pieces of exceptional quality through a true understanding of his craft. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of bespoke tailoring or an old hand, Jonathan will use his expertise to make you your perfect garment. We have also found that our customers are getting more discerning and are demanding the same bespoke standard of their casual wear.

Jonathan’s approach marries the strong foundation of traditional tailoring with a modern and sophisticated approach to outfitting men. It is this refined eye for tailoring and quality coupled with a fresh perspective on men’s outfitting which makes Jonathan, and the service he provides, truly unique.