Alex, Tech Entrepreneur and Bespoke customer of 5 years

Bespoke Tailoring

The first stage in the bespoke process is choosing the cloth and lining, for a suit or coat, or the cotton, for a shirt. Once they have been selected, Jonathan will take all body measurements and expertly assess your figuration and the shape of your body. Finally, the style and details are discussed and noted. Jonathan will then draft a personal pattern specifically for your body shape and cut the cloth in our workshop to the exacting standards he learnt on Savile Row. The garments are then made and fitted over a series of stages to achieve the ultimate fit associated with true bespoke tailoring. This labour intensive process takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete, but leaves one with a beautiful garment that can literally last a lifetime.

Modern Custom Tailoring

We offer our modern custom tailoring service alongside our full bespoke service. Jonathan applies the same bespoke standards of quality, construction and attention to detail to our custom tailored garments and the resulting pieces are of an exceptionally high quality and cut. 

Just as with the bespoke service, the customer will choose from our complete range of fabrics and will have a full consultation at the outset where Jonathan will take your measurements and discuss the style options for your garment. The custom-made garment is then manufactured to your specification and we can offer this service at a less expensive price and a quicker completion time of only 7-8 weeks (an expedited delivery time of 6 weeks is also available at an extra cost). We have chosen our specification with knowledge and care and are convinced that our custom tailored garments will meet your standards of quality and design and exceed all your expectations.